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A Covenant With Mystery

May the Great Mystery make sunrise in your heart.             ...

Unschooling my Spirituality

Ellen Rowland is finding depth, purpose, and joy in freeing both learning and spirituality from...

The Planetary Jew

 Playful lessons on living from the oh-so-observant wise man, Bernie DeKoven.  I think it’s been...

An Interview with Padma Venkatraman

Padma Venkatraman is an award-winning author. Her three novels, published in the Young Adult...

Homo Religiosus in Big History: The Prospect of Human Spiritual Unity

 The unity of humankind’s religious history is obvious, once one sees it. We have, however, been...

Welcoming Death as a Teacher: A Yogic Approach

 It is said that Death was first a man - the most just, fair man who ever lived. Yogic...

Mary’s Soft Blue Mantle

Kintsukuroi (image credit: Wikipedia)

The Shattered Heart Is Joined

Antonio D’alfonso poem

Mr. Tempus

Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews

Poetic Alchemy


Standing In Your Rightful Place

Pers0nal Journeys

Making Belief


Applied Spirituality

Healing Practices

A Teacher Who Connects Heart and Soul

A Teacher Who Connects Heart and Soul

After years of working with meditation students, Eden Koz has learned that it helps to meditate in a group, to practice with a meditation partner, and to find a teacher who is right for us.    I am going to write about what I do. This comes at a super-duper time,...

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Mysticism & Experience

What is Wisdom?

What is Wisdom?

Roger Walsh, M.D, Ph.D. defines Wisdom: It is not what to do, but how to be. Knowledge studies others. Wisdom is self-known. - Lao Tsu. Our world is awash with information, and we are drowning in data. Each day sees new discoveries, and a single newspaper tells more...

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The Braided Way is a framework to see every faith tradition as a strand, braided into a larger whole of spiritual awareness. In the Braided Way, combining spiritual practice from various faiths allow us to explore sacred experience and wonder in forms that resonate with our personal spiritual needs and sacred intuitions. In today’s culture, many people shun religious dogma, but yearn for spiritual connection. The Braided Way allows the ceremonies and practices of multiple faiths to be available without the confinements of cultural dogma.


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