The Thing


           Antonio D’Alfonso


In each thing there are three things.

From two things a third one is wooed,

which combined to the first two

push forth a fourth that brings

out a single thing, the only Thing.

The rest is, of course, nothing.


However, even this nothing

when seen standing askew

may, it too, become a thing:

depending on your point-of-view.

And whenever that happens

we no more see in our biased fashion.


From mountain

to mountain

the sun can be the drugstore to hell or

the backdoor to heaven.


Many enigmas to analyze,

many amphibologies* to circumcise,

complications that indicate

the one and only predicate,

the proposition asserting the naughty Thing.


* A phrase or sentence that is grammatically ambiguous


About Author

Poet, novelist, essayist, translator, Antonio D’Alfonso has published more than 40 titles and has made three feature films. He is the founder of Guernica Editions which he managed for thirty-three years before passing it on to new owners in 2010. For his writings, he won the Trillium Award, the Bressani Award, and the New York Independent Film Award for his film, Bruco. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. In 2016, he received a Honorary Doctorate from Athabasca University.

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