You can count on Rob Brezsny to cook up a feast of dissident enlightenment, joyous upheaval, orgiastic compassion, insurrectionary beauty, and divine subversion. Here’s a taste.

Rob Brezsny insight

How can we outwit and escape the numbing trance that everyday routine
seems to foster? What can we do to stay alert to the subtle miracles and
intriguing mysteries and numinous beauty that surround us on all sides?

Some possibilities:

1. Make it a daily practice to refresh the ways we perceive the world.

2. Scan regularly for opportunities to play and for creatures that like to

3. Assume that the entire world is a constantly changing source of
oracular revelation that has meaning for us.

4. Experiment with what happens when we use empathy and intuition to
imagine how animals and other people experience life.

5. Don’t take things too seriously or too personally or too literally.

6. Expose ourselves regularly to provocative myths and intriguing
symbols. Seek out stories that bend and twist our beliefs. Be open to
exploring events and phenomena that elude rational explanation.

7. Regularly give our unconscious minds the message that we want to feel

8. Cultivate a willingness, eagerness, and receptivity to being surprised.

9. Others?