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What is Wisdom?

Roger Walsh, M.D, Ph.D. defines Wisdom: It is not what to do, but how to be. Knowledge studies others. Wisdom is self-known. – Lao Tsu. Our world is awash with information, and we are drowning in data. Each day sees new discoveries, and a single newspaper tells more about the world than someone a few centuries

An Unexpected Experience with Tibetan Monks

Suzanne Bauer explains how hosting Tibetan Monks transformed her life. Did I really volunteer to host seven Tibetan Buddhist monks and their American driver in our home for nine days – just two hours before they came through our front door? Something very unexpected was happening. Here is the back story.   In July 2012,

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What’s in a name?  Everything when we name  God. There is danger in naming God. The ancient Hebrews were...

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