Author: Linda M. Rhinehart Neas

Mary’s Soft Blue Mantle

REFUGE by  Linda M. Rhinehart Neas   The church was dark, smelling of incense and beeswax. Silence spoke from around the pews and pillars. This was a blessed place – Refuge – holy ground. I sit on the altar steps, too young to know the forbidden.     Mary – mother, maiden, queen, crone – hovers above me, blue mantle, outstretched arms. Such sad eyes, I think, sad perhaps because she knows – knows the pain hidden deep within my tiny body – the pain stuffed deep down within my soul.     I wish I could climb up in...

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The Shattered Heart Is Joined

Kintsukuroi – Golden Repair by Linda M. Rhinehart Neas   On a far-off island, there are masters who, with precious metals, mend domestic items – bowls, cups, pitchers- creating exquisite works of art – from cinders to precious treasure. Likewise, in the hands of the Master, Who, from nothing, created all, the shattered heart is joined – piece to piece – until, from unimaginable pain, a sparkle of gold signals the promise of peace.   Kintsukuroi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, silver, and platinum....

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The Braided Way is a framework to see every faith tradition as a strand, braided into a larger whole of spiritual awareness. In the Braided Way, combining spiritual practice from various faiths allow us to explore sacred experience and wonder in forms that resonate with our personal spiritual needs and sacred intuitions. In today's culture, many people shun religious dogma, but yearn for spiritual connection. The Braided Way allows the ceremonies and practices of multiple faiths to be available without the confinements of cultural dogma.

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