Author: Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews

Poetic Alchemy

Poetic Alchemy by Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews   I spin golden words From my world of straw.   I extrapolate wonder From the commonplace.   The centre is anywhere I am   For there is no other place No other happiness Other than the piece of sky I expand with my yearning.   My eyes create reality With the poetic palette of blood hues: The deep reds, the melancholy blues.    I strike a match on stone And memory ignites it to diamond.   I immortalize people and places I have loved.    The real world pales While within me,  ...

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Unaware Diviners

A Demi-Tasse of Secrets by Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews   We always had espresso At the mahogany table. Poured it into thick white porcelain With silver spoons lined up Like tin soldiers ready to delve Into newly filled sugar bowls.     Sometimes we poured it Into gold-rimmed demi-tasses. Steamy, dark bitterness Made bearable with sweets, glazed In the hues of stars and moons.     As we partook of such rituals, we repeated Things we’d newly heard of deaths, Of someone’s newly diagnosed illness, of scandals, Eagerly honing in on the intimate shreds of tales That were not ours, but...

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The Braided Way is a framework to see every faith tradition as a strand, braided into a larger whole of spiritual awareness. In the Braided Way, combining spiritual practice from various faiths allow us to explore sacred experience and wonder in forms that resonate with our personal spiritual needs and sacred intuitions. In today's culture, many people shun religious dogma, but yearn for spiritual connection. The Braided Way allows the ceremonies and practices of multiple faiths to be available without the confinements of cultural dogma.

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