Author Isabella Colalillo-Katz

Isabella Colalillo-Katz

Isabella is a poet, writer, editor, translator, storyteller and mother based in Toronto, Canada. She works as professor and psychotherapist and leads workshops and classes in creativity and creative writing. Isabella also taught courses in Humanistic Psychology and Altered States of Consciousness at the Western University. She has taught Creative Writing and Creativity classes and workshops at the University of Toronto, Centennial College and internationally. Isabella is the author of 3 books of poetry and has published widely in anthologies and journals. She is a contributor and co-editor of 2 books of essays on holistic education, and the author of Awakening Creativity and Spiritual Intelligence (LAP, 2009). She is passionate about creativity, writing, protecting nature and spiritual ways of knowing. Isabella Colalillo-Katz e-mail: Website: Blog: