Author Elizabeth Spraker

Elizabeth Spraker

Elizabeth Spraker (Beasley) comes from a family of writers and story tellers. She graduated from Case Western Reserve University and has a Masters in Adult Education from the same institution. After years as an early childhood teacher specializing in Gifted Education (and in working with the parents of gifted children), she began to develop her second career as a hospital chaplain. She earned her certification in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from the Cleveland Clinic, and worked as a hospital chaplain for a number of years. During that time, she became interested in the healing aspects of writing, and earned a certificate from Earlham School of Religion in the Ministry of Writing. Following semi-retirement from chaplaining, she looks forward to the development of writing /experience groups which address some of the issues present in today's communities. She refers to this as "community chaplaining." As an adjunct to this endeavor, she is trained in the Plagens Method, a way of organizing and facilitating long term group experiences.