Braided  Way Magazine was launched by Michael Olin-Hitt in 2017, and we look forward to a long history.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Braided Way Magazine celebrates the diversity of our world’s faith traditions. Our publication and activities aim to support an individual’s spiritual development, while influencing our larger culture toward inter-spiritual (and inter-religious) understanding, acceptance and engagement.

Vision Statement

Braided Way Magazine is guided by the ideal that all world faiths and their spiritual practices are braided together. Each faith is a strand in the braid of sacred awareness, adding a unique view and experience to the whole. The magazine will provide a forum for practitioners of spiritual disciplines from various world faiths, with the intention of providing guidance and insight to readers from varied spiritual perspectives. In so doing, the aim of Braided Way Magazine is to cultivate and nurture people to become open and accepting of different spiritual perspectives and practices and to engage in cross-traditional or inter-spiritual experiences.

Non-Profit Status

Braided Way Magazine is a publication of Braided Way Media, which is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 publisher, under the umbrella of the Spiritual Quest Foundation.